Q&A with a Popular Investor: Sharon Connolly

eToro Popular Investor Sharon Connolly started small. In 2013, she was living as an expat in Singapore. Struggling to make ends meet after a divorce, Sharon was given $20 of Facebook shares on eToro as a gift. With zero trading experience, she started dabbling on the eToro trading platform, adding modest $25 investments to her portfolio every couple of months. Fast forward eight years, and the Sydney-based project professional has a sizeable portfolio, with years that have seen as high as 40% growth. As an eToro Popular Investor, Sharon proudly educates and influences hundreds of copiers and followers with her insightful trades.

Read on to learn more about her story, her tips for those looking to start copy trading and her outlook for the Australian market in 2021.

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67% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. 

Why and how did you get into copy trading?

It was by accident, really. I wasn’t looking to get involved in being an eToro Popular Investor. If anything, it was the opposite — I didn’t want the responsibility of people following my trades in case they lost money. But people just started copying and following me. Now I know that even if I lose money one or two months in a row, my long-term strategy is growth and it works, with some years growing 40% or more.

What do you enjoy most about being part of the copy trading community, and how has it helped you succeed financially?

With people following, you need to take it more seriously. I do more research and aim to help my copiers understand more about trading so they have the confidence to make their own trades in addition to copying me.

What tips would you give others looking to start copy trading?

Find a Popular Investor who has the same long-term outlook as you, and stick with them. If you join for two weeks and then bail, you will lose a lot in fees and might miss any long-term benefits.

How do you feel the Australian market has performed so far, given the events of 2020, and what do you think might be in store for 2021?

Australia is still down and moving slowly, but I expect the Australian index to slowly climb and exceed its pre-COVID-19 position by the end of 2021.

What about the future of trading in Australia makes you most excited

We have some shining stars like Afterpay that I look forward to seeing on eToro soon. It will be great for Australians to be able to back companies we believe in and use every day. That is my general trading outlook — to invest in companies I believe in — so I look forward to being able to take positions in the Aussie greats.

From a humble start to experiencing yearly growth of as high as 40%, Sharon has been able to create a strategy with long-term growth goals. And she hopes to use it to guide her in investing in a potentially stronger Australian market in 2021. Check out Sharon’s Popular Investor profile to stay updated on her insights and trades, and learn more about eToro’s CopyTrader platform to see what other Popular Investors from all over the world are trading.

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