How the Covid-19 vaccine relates to the stock market

If there is one term that has been heard, discussed and debated heavily in 2021 it is “vaccine.” The Covid-19 pandemic has put vaccines back in the spotlight and prompted heavy debate regarding one of the most important inventions in medical history. Such a hot topic, which is essentially relevant to the world’s entire population,Continue reading “How the Covid-19 vaccine relates to the stock market”

Meet Four Successful Popular Investors from Asia

Today, millions of eToro users from over 100 different countries have access to stocks and other assets from leading global markets, evidence of how eToro is opening the financial markets to everyone, no matter where they reside. Additionally, on eToro you can allocate funds to copy the performance of successful Popular Investors using the CopyTrader™ feature.  CheckContinue reading “Meet Four Successful Popular Investors from Asia”

Lunar New Year: Will the Year of the Ox be bullish?

The year 2020, the Lunar Year of the Rat, will be greatly discussed and debated for many years to come. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on numerous aspects of our daily lives, an impact which we are still feeling today. Due to the fact that the first cases of coronavirus were reportedContinue reading “Lunar New Year: Will the Year of the Ox be bullish?”

Over the moon: Bitcoin’s all-time high and how to invest

Mere days after celebrating its 12th birthday, Bitcoin showed the world that it has much room for growth. After topping $20,000 in 2020, Bitcoin didn’t stop and continued to break milestone after milestone, climbing above $40,000.  On February 8th, 2021, news broke that Elon Musk’s Tesla will start accepting Bitcoin and intends to purchase $1.5 billion’s worthContinue reading “Over the moon: Bitcoin’s all-time high and how to invest”

Three Scenarios for Stock Investment

Who led the digital transformation in your company? CEO? CFO? CIO? No. It was Covid-19. Sometimes the lessons learned from an economic crisis are so good, they leave the world economy better off in the long term. Stock Investing at the WORST possible time If you had invested in the stock market in the summerContinue reading “Three Scenarios for Stock Investment”

Exploring market gaps and what it means for stop loss, take profit and orders

So what is a Market Gap? When a market is closed (for example, during weekends or daily market breaks), there are no rates being traded however, news and announcements still affect the markets. It is possible that the market will open at a rate which is significantly different from the previous closing rate due toContinue reading “Exploring market gaps and what it means for stop loss, take profit and orders”

How to Spot Market Leaders with the Relative Strength Line

“Top-performing stocks will lead the broader market averages at important turning points. As a bear market is bottoming, leading stocks, the ones that best resisted the decline, will turn up first and then sprint ahead – days, weeks, or even months before the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq indexes put on their running shoes. These leadingContinue reading “How to Spot Market Leaders with the Relative Strength Line”

Super Bowl ads and their effect on the stock market

There is no sporting event more highly anticipated in the US than the Super Bowl. The annual match between the winners of the AFC and NFC conferences is always one of the most-watched TV broadcasts: millions of Americans, and numerous other football fans from around the world tune in to see the match that determinesContinue reading “Super Bowl ads and their effect on the stock market”

Understanding Volatility, the Standard Deviation and the Semi-Deviation

“The true investor welcomes volatility…”  Warren Buffet Have you ever wondered what metrics are available for investors to help them choose between similar portfolios, besides returns? In this post, I´ll be giving a quick intro into the standard deviation (SD) as a measure of volatility. This will be swift, but sufficient for understanding the concept,Continue reading “Understanding Volatility, the Standard Deviation and the Semi-Deviation”

The Principles of Value Investing

Value investing is an investing philosophy first developed by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd in the 1930s, which focuses on buying stocks whenever the market undervalues them. This investing method has been adopted by several investors over the past century and most of them have been able to beat the market, which is not somethingContinue reading “The Principles of Value Investing”

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