Wall Street rallies to new highs

Last Week’s Top Five Market Winners Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) The past week included significant gains for TaskUs Inc. (TASK), Globalstar (GSAT), Smith & Wesson (SWBI), Ocugen Inc. (OCGN) and PubMatic Inc. (PUBM). TaskUs Inc. (TASK) shares soared to a new high following the data outsourcing firm’s recent IPO.  Shares of tech communications company Globalstar (GSAT) jumped followingContinue reading “Wall Street rallies to new highs”

What are meme stocks? The people-driven market phenomenon explained

From GameStop to AMC, “meme stocks” have become an overnight sensation in global stock markets. These Internet forum-driven stocks have attracted new retail investors into the market and left many hedge fund managers scratching their heads, as they try to tackle this new investment phenomenon. But what exactly are meme stocks and are they hereContinue reading “What are meme stocks? The people-driven market phenomenon explained”

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