Three Scenarios for Stock Investment

Who led the digital transformation in your company? CEO? CFO? CIO? No. It was Covid-19. Sometimes the lessons learned from an economic crisis are so good, they leave the world economy better off in the long term. Stock Investing at the WORST possible time If you had invested in the stock market in the summerContinue reading “Three Scenarios for Stock Investment”

Super Bowl ads and their effect on the stock market

There is no sporting event more highly anticipated in the US than the Super Bowl. The annual match between the winners of the AFC and NFC conferences is always one of the most-watched TV broadcasts: millions of Americans, and numerous other football fans from around the world tune in to see the match that determinesContinue reading “Super Bowl ads and their effect on the stock market”

Clock ticking on Brexit deal, still no agreement on stimulus package

European markets are mixed this morning as the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier warns there are mere hours left to secure a trade deal between the UK and the bloc. Sterling has dipped by 0.5% against the dollar, which in turn has helped the FTSE 100 gain by a similar amount due to its overseasContinue reading “Clock ticking on Brexit deal, still no agreement on stimulus package”

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