Get to know an Elite Popular Investor: Gasper Sopi

Gasper Sopi has more than eight years of trading experience. An Elite Popular Investor on eToro, he has more than 1,700 copiers and almost 10,000 followers. He has important advice for those contemplating copying a Popular Investor: Make sure your investment goals align with the Popular Investor and stick with him for at least aContinue reading “Get to know an Elite Popular Investor: Gasper Sopi”

The Roblox IPO: How to invest in this gaming up-and-comer

2021 is shaping up to be a year with some exciting companies going public. One great example is gaming platform Roblox, whose unique offering and business model have many investors lining up to purchase the stock. Like Google and Spotify before it, the company is opting for a direct listing rather than a traditional IPO. The company is goingContinue reading “The Roblox IPO: How to invest in this gaming up-and-comer”

Invest in ready-made portfolios with just $1,000

eToro Portfolios are a popular part of our offering and have shown some great results in 2020 and previous years. Portfolios are a great way to diversify your investments and risk, spanning innovative topics and unique data-driven strategies. Our portfolios enable you to embrace a smart and innovative approach to personal investing. Each portfolio isContinue reading “Invest in ready-made portfolios with just $1,000”

“1,000 eyes see more than two:” Meet Popular Investor @Social-Investor

Jürgen Schmitt (@Social-Investor) is a fairly well-known figure in the German financial landscape. He runs JS Media, a leading financial publication in Germany, where he works alongside popular local financial expert Mick Knauff. We asked him a few questions about his trading style and strategy. Tell us about yourself. What do you do for aContinue reading ““1,000 eyes see more than two:” Meet Popular Investor @Social-Investor”

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