Learn from those in the know with automatic copy trading

Lockdown turned record numbers of people into self-directed investors, but copy trading could be the key to investment success. The world’s largest online investment platforms added 11 million customers in 2020, with eToro at the top having added 5 million users, according to Trading Platforms[1]. Giving more individuals the chance to have greater control overContinue reading “Learn from those in the know with automatic copy trading”

French National Day: from the Revolution to autonomy

This Wednesday, 14th July, is the National Day of France. This is a very important date in the history of the country, as it was on 14 July 1789 that the fortress of the Bastille was stormed by the people, marking the end of the hegemony of the French monarchy and the start of theContinue reading “French National Day: from the Revolution to autonomy”

Why is portfolio diversification essential?

Whether investing, walking down the street, driving or watching the sunset from the balcony, you are always taking a risk. Your personality and lifestyle play a key role in the risks you are able to take. Therefore, in this post, we will explain what diversification means and how you can diversify and gain greater rewards. Continue reading “Why is portfolio diversification essential?”

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