Markets still high on earnings

Last Week’s Top Five Market Winners Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) The past week included significant gains for Golden Nugget Online Gaming Inc. (GNOG), Novavax Inc. (NVAX), TaskUs Inc. (TASK), Pilgrim’s Pride (PPC) and Array Technologies Inc. (ARRY). Golden Nugget Online Gaming Inc. (GNOG) shares skyrocketed following news of a $1.56 billion acquisition deal for the onlineContinue reading “Markets still high on earnings”

Why Google and Facebook may eventually disappear

Facebook, Google, and, now, even Amazon make oodles of cash from advertising. This is not a secret. For decades now, these companies have built and optimised their online ability to serve you relevant ads. The scalability of these business models means incredibly high margins for these key players. In other words, they are making mountainsContinue reading “Why Google and Facebook may eventually disappear”

Get to know an Elite Popular Investor: Gasper Sopi

Gasper Sopi has more than eight years of trading experience. An Elite Popular Investor on eToro, he has more than 1,700 copiers and almost 10,000 followers. He has important advice for those contemplating copying a Popular Investor: Make sure your investment goals align with the Popular Investor and stick with him for at least aContinue reading “Get to know an Elite Popular Investor: Gasper Sopi”

Investing Psychology: Investing with your brain, not your heart 🧠

The key to being a successful investor is to be rational and stick with an investment strategy. This is because market cycles can trigger emotions and cause you to make poor decisions. The most emotional days are the correction and bear periods.  A bear market usually scares the most inexperienced investors. Having never experienced suchContinue reading “Investing Psychology: Investing with your brain, not your heart 🧠”

Three new investment themes to consider in your portfolio

CopyPortfolios are capturing long-term trends and opportunities and helping eToro users cover innovative and traditional sectors through diversified investment portfolios. We’re happy to share that this January we launched 3 new diversified portfolios for the eToro community. Vaccine-Med – The Vaccine-Med CopyPortfolio is designed to help investors capitalise on the global search for vaccine based solutionsContinue reading “Three new investment themes to consider in your portfolio”

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