Markets up as US clears path for Moderna vaccine approval

European markets have opened positively this morning with Germany’s Dax leading the way up 1.6% as optimism creeps in surrounding vaccination and the prospect of US fiscal stimulus ahead of Central Bank meetings on both sides of the pond. Travel and leisure has also seen a bounce as well as better than expected numbers fromContinue reading “Markets up as US clears path for Moderna vaccine approval”

Tesla nears $500bn market cap as markets rally on Trump power transfer

European markets have maintained yesterday’s momentum with news of easing lockdowns in the UK and France adding to the optimism.  The FTSE is up 0.5%, the Dax up 0.4% and the Dow Jones leading way in the US futures market up 1%. Markets around the world rose on Monday and overnight as further vaccine news,Continue reading “Tesla nears $500bn market cap as markets rally on Trump power transfer”

Three rallying stocks to consider

Vaccine breakthroughs are like buses: the world waits for months for hopeful news, two then come along in quick succession. Markets rallied off the back of the announcements and lifted countless share prices in the process. Here, we delve into three such companies and assess the investment potential they can bring portfolios. Lloyds Banks wereContinue reading “Three rallying stocks to consider”

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