Investing in times of economic crisis and beyond

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  – Benjamin Franklin  When it comes to investing, nothing pays off more than educating yourself. Do the necessary research, study and analysis before making any investment decisions. The Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the resulting economic recession arose out of nowhere. Although it has often been described asContinue reading “Investing in times of economic crisis and beyond”

A Beginner’s Guide to Commodity Trading

What are commodities? A commodity is a basic good or raw material that is used to produce more complex goods. You can think of commodities as the building blocks of the global economy – they’re used to create products that we rely on every day. Examples of commodities include oil, gold, copper, and sugar. What separates commodities from other goods is the factContinue reading “A Beginner’s Guide to Commodity Trading”

What’s in store for Gold, Oil and Bitcoin in 2021?

The only thing less clear than how to live in the shadow of a global pandemic is trying to guess where world markets will move in reaction to the latest news about it. Looking back over 2020, it is difficult for anyone to have predicted what was going to happen – and looking forward, itContinue reading “What’s in store for Gold, Oil and Bitcoin in 2021?”

Lawmakers reach $900bn stimulus deal as UK hit by new coronavirus strain

On Sunday evening, lawmakers reached a deal on a near $900bn stimulus package to help sustain the US economy as the pandemic continues to ravage the country. Recent economic data has highlighted an urgent need for stimulus, with weak retail sales figures and increasing jobless claim figures, demonstrating the fragility of the US economic recovery.Continue reading “Lawmakers reach $900bn stimulus deal as UK hit by new coronavirus strain”

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