Top stocks soar under female leadership

Women currently hold 29 CEO positions at S&P 500 companies1. Although that is still only a small percentage (5.8%, to be exact), their impact has been huge. Across boardrooms worldwide, company stakeholders are seeing the very practical rewards as a result of electing a woman to take the helm, and leading companies’ stocks have shownContinue reading “Top stocks soar under female leadership”

UK Budget 2021: What Sunak’s statement could mean for the investors

When Rishi Sunak delivers this year’s Budget on March 3, attention will be on what measures the Chancellor enacts in response to an economy stifled by lockdown and still in the grips of the pandemic. The Budget is Sunak and the government’s chance to outline a path for the UK’s economic recovery out of theContinue reading “UK Budget 2021: What Sunak’s statement could mean for the investors”

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