A great week of earnings

Last Week’s Top Five Market Winners Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) The past week included significant gains for Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (ARCT), Robinhood Markets Inc. (HOOD), eXp World Holdings Inc. (EXPI), TravelCenters of America LLC. (TA), and Editas Medicine Inc. (EDIT). Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc. (ARCT) shares skyrocketed following a clinical trial approval for the medicineContinue reading “A great week of earnings”

What you need to know about investing in value ETFs

ETF is the acronym for Exchange Traded Fund. To put it simply, it’s a fund that is traded on an exchange.  The fund can be composed of stocks, bonds, commodities or anything else aggregated into one basket of securities. The fund can be a variety of stocks crossing many fields, it can be based onContinue reading “What you need to know about investing in value ETFs”

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