Despite tense moments, the bulls triumph again

Last Week’s Top Five Market Winners Nasdaq Stock Market (NASDAQ) The past week included significant gains for Newegg Commerce Inc. (NEGG), Inc. (STMP), Toughbuilt Industries, Inc. (TBLT), Inc. (OSTK) and Weibo Corp. (WB). Newegg Commerce Inc. (NEGG) shares continued to soar along with the computer parts retailer’s investor popularity as a meme stock.  Stamps.comContinue reading “Despite tense moments, the bulls triumph again”

Protecting your portfolio during periods of rising inflation

Inflation is a topic that has dominated the financial news lately. With the world now reopening after the coronavirus pandemic, and cashed-up consumers unleashing pent-up demand, inflation is beginning to rise. In the US, inflation jumped 4.2% in April — the largest increase since September 2008. Investors are worried that higher inflation will force the world’s central banksContinue reading “Protecting your portfolio during periods of rising inflation”

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